FG KNOT TOOL ASSIST - Fishing Knot Tying Tool | Dual PE Sticks

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This FG Knot Tool is the perfect assistance when strengthening a tricky FG knot from main line to leader. Simply unscrew the sticks from one another to to allow one stick in each hand. Wind the line around each of the sticks rubber surface, with the knot in the middle and pull from the sticks instead of using your bare hands or other methods.
The FG Knot Tool is also capable of strengthening other fishing knots and even freeing up those tough snags that your rig commonly get caught in. One stick fits inside the other which makes these the FG Knot Tool a very handy item to keep in the tackle box or bag without taking up too much room at all. Buy with confidence knowing we are 100% Australian owned and operated.  

Features & Benefits

  • Strengthen FG Knots 
  • Strengthen Other Fishing Knots
  • Unscrews To Allow 1 Stick In Each Hand
  • Rubber Shrink Wrap Surface For Strong Grip
  • Removes Snagged Hooks & Lures
  • Use With Braided Line, Fluorocarbon Leader & Monofilament Line
  • Eliminates Risk Of Slicing Your Hands When Tying Knots Or Freeing Snags
  • Compact Unit For Easy Storage 
  • 4 Colours Available - Red, Gold, Black & Silver
  • Fast & Free Shipping Within Australia

Customer Reviews

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Khan McDonald
Great tool for making your FG knots mint

No more cutting hands on braid. If you arent usign a tool like this or your hands arent bleeding, your FG knots are not tight enough.