SEAFLO 12v Caravan Water Pump 51 Series - 18.9LPM (3 Year Warranty)

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The 51 Series is Seaflo's silent heavy duty 12v caravan water pump capable of supplying high volume of flow while reducing cycling in its 5 chambers, up to 18.9 LPM at 60 PSI. Now thats outstanding. 

Comfortably feed 4 - 5 fixtures in your caravan, RV or yacht/boat and never worry about the flow of your shower being a trickle with this unit. 
No need to worry about the installation of an accumulator tank with the 51 Series as they are designed to work alone. Being self priming, this unit can run dry without damage putting your mind at ease with its reliability and performance. Controlled by a pressure switch, the 51 Series delivers continuous demand when the tap outlets are opened and closed. A huge SEAFLO 3 YEAR WARRANTY comes with this unit and backed by this elite brand. There are a detailed set of installation instructions in the box for your reference. If you're changing your 12v caravan water pump from a different brand, don't stress because the 51 Series has you covered with an industry standard mounting pattern.

Features & Benefits
  • 5 Chamber Santoprene Diaphragm Reducing Cycling
  • Includes Inlet/Outlet Connections For Ease Of Installation
  • Pressure Switch Adjustment To Reach Your Desired Pressure
  • Stable Performance With Continuous Duty To Suit Your Demand
  • Run Dry Capability To Save Damaging Your Pump
  • Low Power Draw Leaving Less Load On Your Energy Source
  • Self Priming - No More Bleeding Air Out Of The System
  • Good Heat Dissipation To Eliminate Overheating & Fire Hazards
  • Feed 4-5 Fixtures Comfortably
  • Can Be Used For Fresh Water Or Salt Water
  • Quiet Operation No Louder Than Your Aircon


  • 60°c temperature max
  • 1.8m (6ft) suction lift
  • 18.9LPM @ 60PSI (4.1 bar)
  • 1/2"-14 MNPT Inlet/Outlet ports
  • EPDM valves
  • 16AWG, 1.3m (4.5ft) long leads with 2-pin connector
  • Draws a maximum of 17amps
  • 12v

Customer Reviews

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Worth the money

Great pump, easy to install and runs my caravan no problems!