Basszone Bobbin Knotter - PR Knot Tool

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If you are a fisherman or enjoy fishing, then you know the importance of a PR knot. This is a nine-strand, double-looped knot that is stronger than the average knot. It's the best knot to use for tying momo or fluorocarbon line to your braided line.

The BassZone Bobbin Knotter is an easy and convenient tool. Tie the PR knot with the Basszone Bobbin Knotter with ease and never lose a fish due to improperly tied knots again!

Features & Specifications 

  • Used To Tie Professional PR Knots
  • Used To Tie Other Fishing Knots That Require Wrapping Or Binding
  • Includes Neoprene Case For Easy Storage
  • Anyone Can Learn To Use The Basszone Bobbin Knotter
  • Stainless Steel Body With Ceramic Tube 
  • Tensioner Knob To Control The Line Dispersing From Bobbin
  • Line Winder
  • 100% Aussie Business With Exceptional Customer Service
  • Fast Handling & Postage