Ecogear ZX35 Fishing Blade Lure - Hard Body Vibe For Bream |Trout | Bass

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The Ecogear ZX35's are shrimp shaped tournament winner blade lures. The ZX35's superior design techniques incorporate superior strength, control, vibrating action, appeal and hook setting ability. Having a wide range of colours, anglers have the ability to use the ZX35 on a vast array of species including Bream, Trout and Bass. These lures are Bream candy! The ZX35 is not limited to fishing environments and is a proven fish catcher representing the peak in blade style lures. 
Features & Specifications
  • Twin Assist Hooks With Offset Lengths For Increased Hook Up Capability
  • Designed & Tested In Japan
  • Target Species - Bream, Trout, Bass & Most Other Fresh & Estuarine Species
  • Lure Action - Sinking Vibration Blade
  • Lure Length - 35mm
  • Colour Coded For Easy Ordering
  • Plenty Of Colours To Adapt To Water Conditions & Environment
  • Carefully Balanced & Fine Tuned For Ultimate Action & Appeal 
  • Lure Weight - 3.5g
  • Hooks Size - 8