Seaflo 12v Submersible Inline Water Pump 200GPH

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SEAFLO 12v Submersible Inline Water Pump 200GPH

The SEAFLO 200GPH Submersible Inline Pump is a multi-application pump that can work with freshwater and seawater. It can function to solve problems such as flooding or as an inline booster pump. With a very long life and quiet performance, it is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

This small pump is compact and able to fit just about anywhere, it is constructed from durable materials which allow it to perform well in a wide range of different applications. From marine use to RVs and pressure washing, the different applications and scenarios are endless. Easy to install and able to run for about 20 minutes, this handy little pump will come to your aid no matter the situation.


Features & Benefits

  • 3 Year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Small and portable
  • 20 minute run time
  • Able to pump 80°C sea water
  • Easily cleaned filter
  • Intermittent duty
  • ABS construction
  • Self Primed When Submersed (Not When Used As A Booster Pump)



  • 12V voltage
  • Current 2.5A
  • 200 GPH flow rate
  • Fuse Amps: 4.0A
  • Head: 6Lpm @ 5m
  • Wire Lead: 1m
  • I.D Hose Outlet: 11mm
  • I.D Hose For Booster Inlet: 11mm Or 13mm

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