SEAFLO Boat Access Hatch

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Whether on a boat, an RV, camper trailer, motorhome or a caravan, a Seaflo access hatch is invaluable to have. Even more important is to have hatch access that you can count on being secure and durable. We introduce the SEAFLO Access Hatch. The most common use cases are Boat deck access, marine storage access, water tank fill access, inspection area access or any other storage compartment that needs secure access. With a 3 year warranty, you can rest assured that they will continually serve your hatch access needs. Each of these access hatches measures 290mm x 190mm on its base, while the lid measures an impressive 375mm x 270mm to ensure easy access. 


Are you looking for a way to make it easy for you to access certain areas of your boat, RV, or caravan? The SEAFLO Access Hatch is here to ensure that your outdoor lifestyle is enjoyable and clutter-free. Secure and contain your items within the SEAFLO access hatch, making it possible to access areas much more conveniently.



We guarantee these are built with high-quality materials. We live up to this statement by supplying you with a premium quality ABS material access hatch. This ABS material contains anti-ultraviolet qualities that ensure rays from the sun do not deteriorate the quality of the access hatch.


We ensure that you encounter the least possible problems when installing this access hatch on your boat, RV or caravan. It comes with an easy and convenient ‘click-in’ construction mode to help ensure an easy installation. This convenient construction of the access hatch ensures that you will have an easy time installing and using the access hatch on your boat or caravan. Moreover, it also guarantees secure door closure with the switch of the latch.



    The sea is a powerful mass of water that can often lead to the deterioration of the quality of a boat and its parts. One of the most susceptible victims of the corrosion induced by the sea are metal & plastic components. SEAFLO offers you a corrosion-free access hatch that will serve you for an extended period. The hatch comes with durable rubber seals and synthetic fittings that are corrosion free and will not change in colour due to continued use. Moreover, the product also comes with a 3-year warranty that guarantees each purchase that you make.


    When we talk of allowing you to enjoy easy access through the use of our access hatches, we mean it without any bluff. All SEAFLO Access Hatches come with a hatch opening ability of up to 1800. This ensures that you can avoid the frustrating instances where you are hitting your head against the hatch each time you attempt to access a particular area of your boat, RV, or caravan. The hinges installed on each of these hatches also do well to prevent injury by opening fast but with durable tension resistance that locks the hatch in place.


    Our handling times are SAME or NEXT Business day when your order is received. We use reputable carriers including Australia Post or Select Couriers for seamless delivery & tracking.