How To Tie A Uni Knot

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How To Tie A Uni Knot

The Uni Knot is an absolute must know for every angler. In my opinion, it's one of the best fishing knots to tie lures, hooks, swivels and snaps.
Learn how to tie a uni knot in our first video tutorial of - The Fishing Knot Series.

If there would be one reliable knot that could serve just about every fishing application, it would be the uni knot. Its ease of tying is a main factor as to why this is one of the best fishing knots. Whether you fish on the beach or on the boat, this knot will have you covered for a strong and reliable connection. As we all know, the knot is one of the last things between you and the fish. We've all heard about the fish that got away, strength is crucial to increase landing rates. If you learn how to tie a uni knot, you'll never look back.

As mentioned in the video, here are the links to the Fishing Knot Tool and Fluorocarbon Leader Line to get you tying like a pro.


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