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The Double Uni Knot is a simple and strong way of tying braid to mono effectively. If tied correctly, the double uni knot can reach above 90% knot strength which is outstanding considering the ease of tying it. As the name says, it is exactly two uni knots that are essentially forced to synch against each other. Learn how to tie the double uni knot in the second episode of - The Fishing Knot Series. Fishing with leader material joined to your braided mainline generally has more favourable advantages such as increasing abrasion resistance, adding more line stretch and also...

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The PR Knot with a Rizzuto finish is commonly used to tie braided line to monofilament or fluoro carbon leader material. If tied correctly, it will reach 100% knot strength, meaning your line will break before this knot will fail. Learn how to tie a PR knot in our latest tutorial. There is a tool required to follow along with this tutorial - check it out here.   Other reasons why the Pr Knot is so popular to sport fishers is because the knot profile is very slim. This helps your line flow through your rod guides much easier especially...

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PR Knot Or FG Knot? Which one would you choose? In this video, I share the key differences of the PR Knot vs the FG knot in my experiences. It’s a bit of a hot topic in the sport fishing scene but many anglers have their opinion on why one knot is better than the other. In my opinion these are 2 of the most popular knots out there to join braided line to your leader material. Hopefully by the end of the video, you'll have a good idea on which knot you should be using to tie your braided...

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