How to Tie The Double Uni Knot (Braid To Mono)

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How to Tie The Double Uni Knot (Braid To Mono)

The Double Uni Knot is a simple and strong way of tying braid to mono effectively. If tied correctly, the double uni knot can reach above 90% knot strength which is outstanding considering the ease of tying it. As the name says, it is exactly two uni knots that are essentially forced to synch against each other. Learn how to tie the double uni knot in the second episode of - The Fishing Knot Series.

Fishing with leader material joined to your braided mainline generally has more favourable advantages such as increasing abrasion resistance, adding more line stretch and also decreasing line visibility to the target species.
One easy, reliable solution for joining braid to mono or fluorocarbon is definitely the double uni knot. The effort required for you to tie the double uni knot would be far less than FG Knot or a PR knot.

Tip: When tying your main line to your leader, make sure that the leader is no more than 3 sizes above your mainline. This will maintain knot strength and reduce knot failure.

There is a let down for the double uni knot, and that would have to be the knot profile once tied. If you're looking for a slimline knot that will flow through small rod guides smoothly, the FG or PR knot would be much better suited.

Above all, the double uni knot is a great all round knot that can be used to tie braided line to monofilament or fluorocarbon leader.


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