SEAFLO 12v Automatic Bilge Pump 750GPH

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Seaflo Automatic Bilge Pump 750GPH 12v | Internal Flow Switch
The SEAFLO AUTOMATIC BILGE PUMP is a patent-pending submersible bilge pump that is fully automatic. This means that the pump will only operate when the water level rises and activates the internal flow switch. This efficient bilge pump can quickly and effectively remove boat bilge water at a rate of 750 gallons per hour (Approximately 47 Lpm). Keep in mind that flow rate will decrease as head pressure increases. This bilge pump is quiet and vibrationless as all Seaflo pumps are. With ignition protection and no separate float switch needed, it is easy to see why so many people choose this pump when it comes to the bilge water in their boat. 
With a new design that makes it easier to maintain and service, this pump will not use power until it turns on when the water rises and activates the internal float switch. The compact design is perfect for use in small places, and you can rest assured knowing that this automatic bilge pump is the optimal addition to your boat. 

Features and Benefits

  • Fully automatic – No Need For A Separate Flow Switch


  • 3 Year Warranty - Simple Process On Very Rare Occasions


  • Durable Plastic Housing – Won’t Break Easily


  • Energy Efficient With Low Current Draw – Easy On Your Battery


  • Ignition Protection Against High Current – Safe From Burning Out


  • Water Tight Seals – Stops Water Penetrating Into Components


  • Corrosion Resistant With Stainless Steel Shaft – Strong Against Salt Water


  • Built-in Electromagnetic Float Switch – No Need For Extra Wiring


  • Easy Maintenance And Access – Simple Intuitive Design


  • Quick Release Strainer – Allows Fast Removing & Cleaning


  • Anti-airlock Protection – Stays Primed Ready To Automatically Engage


  • No Float Switch Or Manual Switch Needed – Self Sufficient Unit

  • Anti Fouling Impeller - Won't Be Activated By Spilt Motor Oil



  • 750 GPH flow rate


  • 12V voltage 


  • Max draw 5A


  • Weight: 1.03 lbs


  • Wire Lead: 1m


  • Outlet Diameter:  ¾”

    Model Flow rate Volts Current Head Wire lead Outlet Dia N.W/G.W
    SEAFLO AUTOMATIC 750 GPH 750 GPH 12V 3.0 A 3 m 1 m 19 mm/3/4" 0.47/0.52 kg


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Very happy

Good pump works perfect.Recomended to anhybody.