SQUIDEZY Squid Ezy Cleaning Tool Set Calamari Fishing Jigs Australian Made

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The famous SquidEzy Tool is a necessity to saving time in the cleaning process of squid. These amazing creatures are a much loved species to target, all over Australia and worldwide. Theres nothing fun about having to clean a load of squid after a good catch. Take the hassle out of the process and allow yourself to be assisted by this set of 3 tools. Having 3 tools means that you, and 2 others can be cleaning at the same time to lighten the load and save even more time. 

Features & Specs  
  • Colour Coded For Different Sizes 
  • Keep Ink Sac In Tact During Process (If Need Be)
  • Cleaning Process Is Easily Learnt 
  • Saves Valuable Time 
  • Multiple Tools Can Be Used Simultaneously 
  • Made In Australia 

    Please view a youtube video of the inventor himself cleaning a squid in 39 seconds! Amazing!